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It all started with third grade math. If there are four t-shirts (KU, K-State, MU and Nebraska) and three pair of pants (red, blue and purple) how many outfits can you make? Third grade Stef wouldn't dream of pairing a KU t-shirt with purple pants. Needless to say, the test did not consider color theory; and I got the answer wrong.

je ne sais quoi

I match my pajamas to the room decor and serve Pellegrino in stemware. I introduced my college roommate to words like seersucker, blazer, and herringbone; and I explained why her coloring works so well with a cool palette. I believed these concepts were inherent. Au contraire! 

My day job was creative, but I spent every ounce of free time taking Sunday strolls at the outdoor mall or hosting Friday night wardrobe audits in my best friends’ closets - wine in hand. More often than not, their husbands' garments fell victim as well - sorry Sam! So became Style Intentionnel.

I've shopped for the bride, her mother, and my boss and found that women have wardrobes full of potential. I might not be a mathematician by standard measure, but I know a thing or two about the permutations and combinations that lie beyond every closet door.



I recently had my first L'Armoire styling session with Stef and I am thrilled! Stef, herself, is delightful. I had a blast working through my closet with her and learning from her. She helped give me a fresh perspective on some pieces that I already owned and am now excited to get more wear out of. I'm totally hooked.

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B.A. in Visual Arts, concentration in graphic design | Taylor University '12


Sales Associate
Amelia's Boutique
2008 – 2012

Graphic Designer
Wheaton College
2012 – 2017

interim art director
wheaton college

style intentionnel
2017 - present