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I am wearing clothes I had forgotten I had  in new and different ways!


Have you ever walked into a closet full of clothes and said to yourself,” I have nothing to wear!” That is the exact statement I was making to myself each morning as I was getting ready for the day. “Do I need to go shopping? No! I have plenty of clothes in this closet.”

Enter Stef Enger of Style Intentionnel to alleviate my problem! In three hours time she put together almost 50 different outfits, taking pictures of each with accessories and shoes as well. I have not gone shopping for clothes since she came. Each morning I simply look at my phone to decide what to wear that day. Although I was initially reluctant to spend money to review my own closet, it has saved me both time and money. I am wearing clothes I had forgotten I had in new and different ways! Stef is fun to work with and so creative! I would highly recommend her services!

L'armoire  /  wendy neihart


I attended Stef's measuring event for J.Hilburn at a friend's place. Before that night, I would never have consider a custom made suit and shirt. I would not have had the patience to be measured and go through all the choices but Stef made the experience fun! I don’t like shopping, but I enjoyed that night. She made it easy and didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing anything about fashion.

Monsieur  /  Johnathan clancy



The pieces she hand selected for me made me feel so confident.

As a busy working mom, I didn’t feel I had room in my schedule to shop for myself all while juggling everything else I had going on. Stef was able to do all the hard work for me and pull together some amazing pieces based on what I was looking for to give my wardrobe such a needed refresher! Not only did she deliver on the clothing items but the personalized attention and service I received was outstanding! Stef is so passionate about styling and all the little details it entails. The pieces she hand selected for me made me feel so confident. I highly recommend her!

À La Carte  /  alex Knight



I never plan to buy another suit off-the-rack with Stef's services and expertise available!


I have recently enjoyed the most pleasant experience in purchasing a new suit. Stef Enger, with Style Intentionnel, really showed me the way! Personalized exact measuring with every small detail to ensure the perfect fit. Choice of my preference for fabric, style and color, even down to the buttons. I never plan to buy another suit off-the-rack with Stef's services and expertise available!

Monsieur  /  james adams


Stef recently provided a tutorial for our team on dressing professionally to make a strong impression. In our line of work, we spend time with Wall Street executives, politicians, heads of foundations, entrepreneurs and many others. Stef emphasized the importance of dressing in such a way that we match the level of class with those we meet so that they are not distracted by our dress, but can focus on our message. She offered many tips and tricks that were new to all of us, including how to plan wardrobes specifically for travel. Our team has continued to rave about the invaluable time Stef spent with us and all we learned!

style Étiquette  /  LAUREN WONG



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